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Huntsman’s Jobs Plan a Good Start

Last week, the Huntsman campaign released an alternative to the President’s soon-to-be-released jobs plan. The plan includes four broad components including: 1) tax reform, 2) regulatory reform, 3) energy independence, and 4) free trade. I broadly agree with most of Huntsman’s proposed policies. … Continue reading

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Thirty Chernobyls: Why Space Weather Matters

Last month, Popular Science published an article suggesting more ways civilization could end in a vicious maelstrom of chaos and mass starvation. The scenario goes something like this:

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Cyber War: Why “Click and Kill” Is the Next Threat to Modern Civilization

Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do about It is Richard A. Clarke’s and Robert A. Knake’s all-encompassing tome on current and future cyber security threats. The authors wrote the book in a clear and concise manner so that anyone … Continue reading

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Of Smart Grids and Cyber Warfare

Richard Clarke posted an interesting article today on the potential of cyber warfare to be the next major domain of war, much as sea power was in the 19th century, and air power, in the 20th. The evolution of this … Continue reading

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