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Occupy Wall Street Theme Song

My precocious 9-year old daughter came up with the idea for this song sung to the tune of the Fraggle Rock theme song. Then, my wife and I ran with it. Enjoy! Protest your cares away Work is for some … Continue reading

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Rick Perry’s Republican Class Warfare

“As the son of tenant farmers, I can promise you I wasn’t born with four aces in my hand.” – Governor Rick Perry to Iowa GOP activists, not-so-subtly referencing Mitt Romney’s claim that Texas’ success had more to do with low taxes … Continue reading

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Why Texas Governors Don’t Go to Prison

Rick Perry’s aide gave a beautifully roundabout answer to a recent question about the blatant quid pro quo that marked his reign as Governor.  The spokesman explained, “There’s never been any wrongdoing substantiated.” Nor will there be.  Remarkably, Perry’s probably … Continue reading

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