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Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

I was shocked today to hear of Andrew Breitbart’s sudden and untimely death. At 43, he died in the prime of his life, just when he was starting to make a major difference in the world. My heart goes out … Continue reading

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Game Theory for Middle Eastern Dictators

Towards a Dominant Strategy In “Saudis Shrug Off Day of Rage: Three Strategies to Suppress a Revolt Before It Starts“, I argued that there are two archetypal models for a dictator to deal with popular revolts in the Middle East: crush them or … Continue reading

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Can You Add My County?: Southern California Calls for Secession

“Anyone you ask has a horror story. At some point we have to decide enough is enough and deal with it in a radically new way.” — Jeff Stone Indeed. As the followers of this blog are well aware, I … Continue reading

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My Fourth of July Dilemma

I spent about five years in the military. During that time we had a formation nearly every morning. We also marched in formation every time we had a Regimental run or a change of command ceremony. Before each ceremony, we … Continue reading

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More Ridiculousness from Right- and Left-wing Punditry

Earlier this week, liberal radio show host and MSNBC pundit Ed Schultz called right-wing darling Laura Ingraham a slut on his radio program. Above is his apology followed by his original on-air comments. The contrite groveling to which Schultz must subject … Continue reading

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Why Harvard Law School Should Teach Its Lawyers Economics

Last week, President Obama called for the repeal of a $4 billion tax incentive for domestic oil and gas production. His argument is that the oil and gas industry is doing quite well and does not need any help from … Continue reading

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Interesting Interview of Andrew Breitbart on MSNBC

I recently discovered this interview of Andrew Breitbart on MSNBC. I am deliberately not going to express my opinion on the interview, because I think the interview speaks for itself. However, I am very interested in hearing people’s reactions. Enjoy!

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California Dreaming: Businesses Continue to Leave State

According to The Wall Street Journal, 70 businesses have left California this year at an average of 4.7 businesses per week. Twenty percent of these businesses will relocate to Texas, where the unemployment rate is 8% versus California’s 12%. Over … Continue reading

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Channeling Chris Christie: How to Handle Public Unions

“If what you want to do is put on a show and giggle every time I talk, then I have no interest in answering your question.” — Governor Chris Christie New Jersey Governor Christie lays out his case against public-sector-union … Continue reading

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Architecture of Anarchy

“Civilization and anarchy are only seven meals apart” — Spanish proverb Instability is a positive feedback loop driven by weather, energy and food prices, currency fluctuations, repression, and demography. Adverse weather conditions, in tandem with high energy prices and a … Continue reading

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