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New York Times Editorial Board: Stop Hiding Behind Your False Objectivity and Endorse President Obama

Today, The New York Times editorial board published the most one-sided, biased, and unfair attack on the leading Republican contender. It was so partisan that it presented a textbook case of why conservatives must rely increasingly on foreign newspapers like … Continue reading

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Intriguing Income Inequality Facts

Today, I came across some interesting facts about the “rich” in this country that either challenge those offered by the Occupy Wall Street movement, or force its followers reconsider how they “redistribute” wealth in this country. Let’s Do the Time Warp Again … Continue reading

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Predict the Future of Computing Technologies

Yesterday, The New York Times published an interesting application that allows readers to predict the future of various computing technologies. Readers can make their own predictions or change where others’ predictions fit into a future timeline. For what it is worth, you can … Continue reading

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The Anarchy Will Not Be Televised: Why the Occupy Movement Has Officially Jumped the Shark

Apparently, the assailant who fired two rounds from a semiautomatic rifle at the White House was likely an Occupy D.C. protestor. Of course, the New York Times does its utmost to draw as little attention to this allegation as possible. In … Continue reading

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A Proposal for a More Rational Jobs Bill

Senate Democrats are backpedaling from the President’s proposed jobs bill, because they rightly realize that its impact will fall primarily on middle class families living in higher-cost-of-living blue states. New York Senator Chuck Schumer noted, “In the eyes of many, it … Continue reading

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What’s Your Economic Outlook?

The New York Times published an interesting interactive tool today allowing users to provide their opinions on the American economy. The tool then plots each user’s position amongst a group of one hundred other random people, based on their relative optimism … Continue reading

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Strife in the Sinai: Is Egypt’s and Israel’s Peace at an End?

“The Egyptians do not accept what has happened, and it means that Israel should take care. If they continue their behavior toward the Palestinians and the peace process, it means that the situation will escalate more.” — Mohamed Bassiouni, a … Continue reading

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Build a Community: Ten Lessons From Four Months of Blogging (Part XI)

In my first few months of blogging, over 50% of my traffic came from search engines. That said, I suspect that my other sources of traffic will increase over time. A little over 30% of my traffic was from what I … Continue reading

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What Is Fracking?

There’s been plenty of media hype and hysteria about a process known as hydraulic fracturing, which is more popularly known as fracking. Hydraulic fracturing is a process in which drilling rigs drill vertical wells 3,000 to 8,000 feet underground and then … Continue reading

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Tax Incentives Work

Since the economic recovery began, business spending on employees has grown an anemic 2%, while equipment and software spending has expanded by 26%. Part of this differential is due to the fact that equipment prices have dropped 2.4%, while labor … Continue reading

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