Media Kit

For all media inquiries please contact me directly at shazlett (at) mba2006 (dot) hbs (dot) edu.

If you are a publisher interested in learning more about my clean energy book, please contact my non-fiction agent, Michael Larsen at Larsen-Pomada Literary Agents.

Sean was President of the Mount Diablo Branch of the California Writers Club from 2014 to 2015.


Sean Hazlett, “Plan B for Persia Precarious But Necessary if Diplomacy Fails,” The Council for Emerging National Security Affairs (CENSA), August 2007

Sean Hazlett, “How to Defeat the Motorized Rifle Company at the National Training Center,” Armor Magazine, May-June 2002, 16-21

Sean Hazlett, “Here’s How the U.S. Could Respond to a California Rebellion,” We Are the Mighty, 11 April 2017

Case Studies

John Wells, Sean Hazlett, and Niladri Mukhopadhyay, “Riding with the Blackhorse (A),” HBS Case No. N9-706-509, 27 June 2006

Policy Analysis

Sean Hazlett, Plan B for Persia: Responding to Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program Absent Diplomatic Agreement, (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University, 2006)

Radio Interviews

Alex Cohen, “Army Training Center Immerses Tankers in Simulated Desert Combat,” The California Report, KQED Public Radio, 11-13 April 2003

Robin MacBlane and Larry Whitler, “Sean Patrick Hazlett Interview –“, AM Ocala Live!, WOCA The Source Radio, 22 August 2016


Sean Hazlett, “Blogging to Build an Audience 101: 10 Lessons about Building an Online Platform“, Presentation for the California Writers Club Mount Diablo Branch, 10 March 2012

Short Fiction

Plasma Frequency Magazine Issue 4 Cover Sean Patrick Hazlett, “Movement to First Contact“, Plasma Frequency Magazine 4 (February/March 2013): 9-14


The Colored Lens Issue 8 CoverSean Patrick Hazlett, “Remember New Roanoke“, The Colored Lens 8 (Summer 2013)


NewMyths Issue 24 CoverSean Patrick Hazlett, “Cerebral Vortex“, 24 (September 2013)


Plasma Frequency Magazine Issue 8 CoverSean Patrick Hazlett, “Spirals and Starways“, Plasma Frequency Magazine 8 (October/November 2013)


Mad Scientist Journal Autumn 2013 CoverSean Patrick Hazlett, “Shooting Stars and Schadenfreude“, Mad Scientist Journal: Autumn 2013


Mad Scientist Journal Winter 2014 CoverSean Patrick Hazlett, “The Witchwood Whispers“, Mad Scientist Journal: Winter 2014


Sean Patrick Hazlett, “Enemy Allies”, Fictionvale Magazine: Episode Three (May 2014)


DewEagleMaster from NewMythsSean Patrick Hazlett, “White Nights, Mammon’s City“, 28 (September 2014)


Outposts of Beyond January 2015Sean Patrick Hazlett, “Entropic Order“, Outposts of Beyond #7 (January 2015)


Perihelion March 2015 CoverSean Patrick Hazlett, “Chandler’s Hollow“, Perihelion Online Science Fiction Magazine, (March 12, 2015)


GDM 5 COVER SMALLSean Patrick Hazlett, “Boomer Hunter“, Grimdark Magazine, Issue #5


outposts of beyond October 2015 coverSean Patrick Hazlett, “Hill of Souls“, Outposts of Beyond #10 (October 2015)

Skin IllustrationSean Patrick Hazlett, “Skin“, Kasma SF Magazine, (November 15, 2015)

tunguskaSean Patrick Hazlett, “Tunguska“, Kasma SF Magazine, (January 15, 2016)

close-encounterSean Patrick Hazlett, “Close Encounter in Coyote Canyon“, Kasma SF Magazine, (June 15, 2016)



TheDecision-CoverSean Patrick Hazlett, “The Decision“, Sci Phi Journal, (July 7, 2016)


overcast-logoSean Patrick Hazlett, “Chasing A.M.I.E.“, The Overcast, Episode 36, (August 3, 2016)

quantum-shadowsSean Patrick Hazlett, “Quantum Shadows“, Stupefying Stories Showcase, (October 3, 2016)

pinnedSean Patrick Hazlett, “Pinned“, Kasma SF Magazine, (December 3, 2016)

unnerving-magazine-cover-for-twinwalkersSean Patrick Hazlett, “Twinwalkers“, Unnerving Magazine, Issue #1 (December 2016)


we-hit-back-imageSean Patrick Hazlett, “We Hit Back“, Abyss & Apex, Issue #61 (January 1, 2017)


Sean Patrick Hazlett, “Mukden”, Weirdbook, Issue #34 (February 9, 2017)

Sean Patrick Hazlett, “Adramelech”, Writers of the Future, Volume #33 (Galaxy Press: April 2017)



Sean Patrick Hazlett, “Evolution’s Echo”, Dark Moon Digest, Issue #27 (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing: April 2017)

Titan's Twins SpeculateSean Patrick Hazlett, “Titan’s Twins“, Speculate! (Evil Girlfriend Media: April 2017)

Personal Collections

Alien-Abbatoir-Cover-FrontSean Patrick Hazlett, Alien Abattoir and Other Stories (Promethium Press: April 2015)

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