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7 Responses to Writing

  1. momizms says:

    Thank you! You’re writing series has been very helpful. I’m very new to blogging and pretty computer illiterate. I’m also still a little afraid of having “pieces of me” floating around out there in cyberspace. There’s the issue of those who disagree taking the fight out of the bloggosphere and making it physical. How do you promote yourself yet still maintain personal security?. I really like your site and will put some of your suggestions to use.

    • Thanks, momizms.

      “How do you promote yourself yet still maintain personal security?.”

      A great question. My biggest concern in starting a blog was how my firm might react to it. I didn’t even consider physical security until you asked this question. From what I’ve learned thus far, the readers of my site tend to be more rational than most. One personal rule I have is to never engage in an ad hominem argument. If someone attacks me personally on this blog, I try never to descend to their level. I simply try to attack the flaws in their argument. Someone can keep insulting you, but so long as you don’t take the bait, they will quickly tire of their tactics and take them elsewhere.

  2. momizms says:

    Thank you for your suggestions.

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  5. Juliet Wills says:

    Hi Sean Congratulations on your writing! I noticed your recent story was featured in this recent article from the Writers of the Future: https://www.writersofthefuture.com/brand-new-science-fiction/

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