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Islamists on Track to Win Egyptian Election

I predicted earlier this year that the Arab Spring would likely result in further Islamic radicalization of the Arab world. According to The New York Times, the “mainstream” Muslim Brotherhood has captured about forty percent of the Egyptian vote, based … Continue reading

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Biting the Hand That Feeds: Occupy Protestors Close Apple Store on Black Friday

The video above shows Occupy Oakland protestors accosting a customer trying to enter the Apple Store in San Francisco on Black Friday. So much for the movement being a whole new paradigm — a whole new paradigm in thuggery, perhaps.

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America’s First Experiment with Socialism

I discovered this brilliant video via Divided We Stand United We Fall. Sorry for the delay, I’ve just reawakened from my tryptophan-induced coma. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

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Freedom vs. Security: Why Pepper Spray Is a Civilized Way to Disrupt Law-Breaking Protests

There is an interesting debate going on at Tarheel Red with Nick from Poison Your Mind about the pepper-spray incident at University of California-Davis. The video images of the pepper-spray incident at UC-Davis do not look good. Apparently, they are so … Continue reading

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A Few Reflections On America During the Holidays

The video clip below is a patriotic medley that’s been a favorite of mine for several decades. I never seem to tire of it. In fact, I think we would all benefit if one greatly expanded it and its sentiments. What Can … Continue reading

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Evidence of an American Caste System?

My father was a high school math teacher. My mother was an elementary school teacher. My younger sister teaches junior high mathematics. I, however, pursued a different path than my parents did. In both the military and in the financial services industry, up to 50% … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich Won the Republican Debate

Newt Gingrich won the debate hands down. No one else was even close. He was honest and pragmatic on immigration, recognizing the tough reality that a percentage of the eleven million illegal immigrants have been living and contributing to American … Continue reading

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Liberals and Conservatives; Cats and Dogs

I’m testing out a hypothesis I have made. Please indulge my curiosity.

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A Tale of Two Retirement Systems

Are you old enough to begin to care about your retirement income? Well, if you are of voting age, perhaps you are. “What?” you say. “I need to start worrying about my financial situation at age 65 or 70, when I’m … Continue reading

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Crime in Progress

I went to my local Barnes and Noble tonight to buy some books and magazines. The store has its own Starbucks, so I decided to pick up some coffee for me and my wife. As I entered the Starbucks, I saw … Continue reading

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