Bin Laden Family Demands Obama Pound of Flesh

“Failure to answer these questions will force us to go to International forum for justice such as International Criminal Court and International Court of Justice and UN must take notice of the violation of international law and assist us to have answers for which we are lawful in seeking them.”

— Omar Osama bin Ladin, Osama bin Laden’s fourth-born son

I am sure President Obama is quaking in his boots. Were I the President, my response would be:

“Come get me.”

Yesterday, the family of Osama bin Laden issued a statement demanding evidence of bin Laden’s death. The statement, riddled with grammatical errors, further complains that the United States military killed rather than captured him.

The statement concludes with the following threat and deadline:

“A panel of eminent British and international lawyers is being constituted and a necessary action may be taken if no answers are furnished within 30 days of this statement.”

To demand that one of the most notorious terrorists in modern history be accorded the rights and dignity that he denied thousands of innocent civilians is absurd in the extreme.

My message to the bin Laden family:

“Be thankful the United States military did not treat Osama in the same manner al Qaeda mutilates its victims.”

About Sean Patrick Hazlett

Finance executive, engineer, former military officer, and science fiction and horror writer. Editor of the Weird World War III anthology.
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6 Responses to Bin Laden Family Demands Obama Pound of Flesh

  1. When I saw this report I could not decide if I wanted to laugh or throw something at CNN. OBL received more respect after he was killed than his victims on 9/11 and the many other terror strikes of al Qaeda. It is amazing how the allies of terror utilize our free press to communicate their message and how willing the press is to be manipulated. It was not worth risking the life of a single SEAL to try and arrest OBL like a drug dealer on a street corner. His son had a decade to turn his terrorist father in (and collect the $50 million reward) yet never once tried to do his duty to protect people. In my view President Obama has been more than sensitive to Islamic feelings. Goodbye and good riddance.

  2. pino says:

    “Come get me.”

    The 28th Virginia battle flag was captured by the 1st Minnesota on the third and final day at Gettysburg, it is now in the possession of the Minnesota Historical Society even though Virginia’s Senate in 2000 passed a resolution urging Minnesota to turn the battle flag back to the state whose sons first unfurled its stars and bars and carried it into battle. Governor Jesse Ventura sees the 28th Virginia Volunteer Infantry battle flag as a hard won, legitimate prize of war.

    “Tell them (Virginia) to come and get it,” said Ventura. “That’s ours — it’s not a POW,” he said. “How many Minnesota boys spilled their guts and blood on that same battlefield,” said Ventura. “We won the flag. To the victors goes the spoils,” he said, speaking to Greater Minnesota reporters on 29 March 2001.

    The Charge of the 1st Minnesota may be the most glorious charge in history. Jesse Ventura was then the Governor of the State of Minnesota. He was also a Navy Seal.

  3. pino says:

    To demand that one of the most notorious terrorists in modern history be accorded the rights and dignity that he denied thousands of innocent civilians is absurd in the extreme.

    Have you ever engaged anyone on the Left that opposes harsh interrogation but who REJOICES at the death of OBL?

    How weird.

    • Of course.

      They typically ignore the suggestion that his location was derived via enhanced interrogation methods.

      I have actually been very pleased by the left’s response on this. Who knew they were capable of such bloodlust? 😉

      Additionally, it is kind of eerie how blasted a single human being could bring all of us closer together. Very weird.

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