More Ridiculousness from Right- and Left-wing Punditry

Earlier this week, liberal radio show host and MSNBC pundit Ed Schultz called right-wing darling Laura Ingraham a slut on his radio program.

Above is his apology followed by his original on-air comments.

The contrite groveling to which Schultz must subject himself seems a bit much, but I guess it is par for the course in an overly politically sensitive environment.

What he said was certainly crass, but to overreact by pulling him off the air is ridiculous.

What is more annoying is that Ingraham, in my opinion, has done far worse things in her past. According to, Ingraham “secretly taped meetings of the campus Gay Students Association, and sent copies to participants’ parents” while she was a student at Dartmouth.

Who does that?

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Finance executive, engineer, former military officer, and science fiction and horror writer. Editor of the Weird World War III anthology.
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11 Responses to More Ridiculousness from Right- and Left-wing Punditry

  1. Isn’t Laura Ingraham’s brother gay???

  2. Alan Scott says:

    I can’t believe Ed Schultz apologized for anything . He apologizes for using a bad word ? What about the entire thought ? The guy is sorry for using the wrong word , but he is perfectly happy mischaracterizing Conservatives . I’ve listened to this guy a lot since he’s been on MSNBC . What personal standards did he violate ? What ever standards he has are very low . By his own ethics , he should not apologize .

    I would also question whether anyone even heard him on radio . How big is his radio audience ?

    • My guess is that MSNBC forced him to apologize.

      His radio audience is massive as he has the most popular liberal radio show. As of 2007 he had 3.25 million listeners. I had no idea who he was until last October when I started doing market research for my book proposal.

  3. pino says:

    The contrite groveling to which Schultz must subject himself seems a bit much, but I guess it is par for the course in an overly politically sensitive environment.

    Two issues at play here:

    1. The far Left Liberal would hammer, absolutely hammer, anyone on the right that makes the same comment. Can you imagine if Hannity or Rush or O’Reilly calls a Liberal a slut?

    2. MSNBC is a flippin’ mess. And the new owners would like to make some more money.

  4. Vern R. Kaine says:

    I think it’s yet another example of the Far Left’s facade. What they try and portray is that the Right is supposedly a group of bigotted, anti-female neanderthals who see women as nothing but brainless, sexual objects, and yet Schultz gets all riled up over nothing and calls Ingraham a “slut” based on what again? Her political beliefs – i.e. what she thinks. Apology or not, the fact is that’s what he truly thinks about her. He’s just sorry he said it out loud.

    • You’re right. I’m just annoyed that the sensitivity police stepped in and forced him to apologize.

      • Vern R. Kaine says:

        Funny how that “Sensitivity Police” didn’t include N.O.W. or any significant women’s groups. All I’ve heard speak out is the Women’s Media Center’s Julie Burton, who said”Laura Ingraham is no friend to women, but…(insert disconnect between Ed Schultz and the words he used [here])”

        Based on that I guess the Women’s Media Center is not about the representation of all women, but instead those who are just “friends” to them and their view.

        If they don’t consider Ingraham to be a “friend”, I wonder what words they use to describe her.

  5. Moe says:

    I agree Sean, but I think we should note that Schultz at least played it straight. He apologized directly to Ingraham and blamed himself for his own words.

    Sure beats the usual passive/agressive “I’m sorry that some people took offense and I didn’t mean to offend” crap we hear all the time.

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