Political Typology

I discovered another fun application on the Pew Research Center website last week that is very similar to the Political Compass. The application administers a brief test that asks users a host of political questions. It then classifies them in one of 9 categories. Here are my results:

Source: Pew Research Center

I encourage folks to take this test and post the results on this site.

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Finance executive, engineer, former military officer, and science fiction and horror writer. Editor of the Weird World War III anthology.
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31 Responses to Political Typology

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  7. Moe says:

    I took the test too – I”m Solid Liberal along with 16% of general population. Does that mean I’m more mainstream than you??? 🙂

  8. Libertarian here. I have a feeling that 9% will be getting larger.

  9. Charles McCormack says:

    I’m a “Post-Modern”. I love labels that sound erudite but were actually made up by someone in the shower.

  10. nickgb says:

    Solid Democrat, no surprise there.

    But where do you fit in on this far more important chart?!?!?

  11. Scott Erb says:

    I’m post-modern along with 13% of the population. I suspect that term is similar to “left-libertarian” in Europe. That generally means a distrust of centralized power in any form, both governmental and corporate. American libertarians tend to accept accumulated corporate/business power as non-problematic, focusing on government abuse of power. Yet left-libertarians also distrust governments, and fear too many government benefits could foster dependency on government and work against true liberty (a dependent cared for person is not truly free).

  12. ojmo says:

    Synchronicity…I just took the test the other day myself. For some reason I scored as Solid Lib. I guess that’s the default you get dumped into due to Pew’s lack of an Anarcho-Communist group…:)

  13. Farah says:

    I got Staunch Conservative, but I don’t match up with a lot of the demographics and some of the viewpoints they highlighted in the profile. I also had problems with a lot of the questions they asked, feeling like I was forced to choose between the lesser of two evils because they had no good answer to fit my views. Sort of like our recent elections I guess 🙂

    • I agree. I found the questions to be too black and white.

      • Ditto. Easy to carp, I guess, but it’d be fun if there were a 1-5 spectrum, with the statements representing the outer poles. I mean, “corporations make too much/little money”? There are a lot of corporations out there! I’m not sure there’s such a thing as a corporation making too much money anyway. And there are many where my answer is, “sometimes yes, sometimes no.”

        As it was, I got “solid liberal,” which, given my willingness to see gray areas in the questions, is probably appropriate…

  14. Vern R. Kaine says:

    Libertarian here as well, but I was split on one of the questions (Environment) which would have labeled me as a “Post-Modern”. I don’t believe in “at all costs”, but I think more could be done.

  15. Vern R. Kaine says:

    @Nickgb: Although I love steak, I’m actually more of a “Food Liberal” than Conservative in spite of my views.

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