Who Are the One Percent?

As the Occupiers are busy sharpening their pitchforks for their next reenactment of Children of the Corn, I thought it might be instructive to share a nice little tool from the Wall Street Journal. The tool allows you to enter your household income into a field, and then calculates your percentile compared to other American households.

Enjoy the tool, just don’t let anyone know if your rank is 99%.

About Sean Patrick Hazlett

Finance executive, engineer, former military officer, and science fiction and horror writer. Editor of the Weird World War III anthology.
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15 Responses to Who Are the One Percent?

  1. Scott Erb says:

    All of this is testament to just how effective this movement is becoming. They have the WSJ running scared!

  2. Thanks, nice little tool there. I’m well within the 99% percent.

  3. Alan Scott says:


    Scared of what, violence ?

    • Scott Erb says:

      I was joking a bit, but I do think that many on the right don’t get OWS. They want to see it like all those ANSWER protests against the war or radical anti-globalization marches. But this is something more, and at this point it has higher approval ratings than the tea party. I think this has legs (I also don’t think the tea party is dead yet, like many on the left who see it as a creation of FOX news do). Maybe I’m wrong, but I think we’re seeing a different sort of politics emerging.

  4. Alan Scott says:


    There is no way OWS is a grass roots group. They are being funded by every left wing money group that can put 2 pennies together. Public donations are not meeting expenses . Many of these people are anarchists and bored college students . From George Soros, to MSNBC. to the public sector unions, this is about a show of strength and street numbers in front of TV cameras.

    Obama was supposed to be a different kind of politician and emerged as just another big government machine sugar daddy .OWS, will turn out to be nothing new under the Sun.

    • Scott Erb says:

      They are getting lots of money from lots of sources, and they are well organized. Obama is an “establishment Democrat,” not the leftist socialist that the right claimed, nor the progressive crusader the left hoped for. Right now the Tea Party appears to be fading, and OWS will likely fade too. But…the Tea Party had an impact on 2010. Will OWS have an impact on 2012? Can Obama and the Democrats somehow use the excitement they bring to youth and college campuses (students definitely are enthused)? That’s the relevant question. After all, Obama’s team will have $1 billion to spend on the campaign, while the GOP may have a bloody primary season. This could be a very interesting year.

  5. Passing By says:

    Frequently articles about one percenters do not identify them at all or seem to me to push the blame on Republicans. We need to name the One Percenters and not keep them anonymous. Using Forbes, these are the top Democrat Billionaires who are all One Percenters: 1) Bill Gates of Microsoft, 2) Warren Buffett of Berkshire, 3) Larry Ellison of Oracle, 7) George Soros a financier, 12) Maybe Michael Bloomberg who changes his affiliation to suit the political situation, 13) Jeff Bezos of Amazon, 14) Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, 15) Seergey Brin of Google, 16) Larry Page of Google, 19) Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, 23) Paul Allen of Microsoft, 39) Steve Job;s estate of Apple. And there are many more democrats. We should be naming names. To me anyone who complains about the One Percenters are hypocrites if they use the products produced by One Percenters — smart phones, personal computers, tablet computers, etc.

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