12 Technology Predictions for 2112

In a previous comment thread, Professor Scott Erb suggested it would be interesting to hear people’s predictions about future technologies they believe will be available by 2112.

Late last week, I threw down the gauntlet and asked folks to post their 12 predictions on January 1, 2012 on their sites, and let me know they have done so in my comment section here. I then promised to include links to their predictions on this site.

Below are my own 12 predictions for 2112.

My Predictions

  1. Ubiquitous Three-Dimensional Printing: Consumers will be able to buy some products online, alter those products to their own unique preferences, and print the final product at home on three-dimensional printers, rather than buying them in stores.
  2. Cloning Organs for Transplants: Scientists develop therapeutic cloning technologies to the point that they will be able to grow a cloned organ from a patient’s DNA, and the transplant it without risk of tissue rejection.
  3. Human Settlements on the Moon: Humanity develops permanent settlements on the moon, which are sustained by the moon’s resources.
  4. The Singularity Arrives: Humanity creates smarter-than-human artificial intelligence.
  5. Quantum Computers Become Common: Scientists and engineers develop cheap and robust quantum computers that are widely available to everyone.
  6. Rail Guns Become Standard Issue in Modern Militaries: Scientists achieve key material and power breakthroughs in rail gun technology such that these weapons become standard issue for modern militaries.
  7. Unmanned Ground Vehicles Become a Staple of Modern Militaries: Wars in which a majority of the combatants are robots become standard for the world’s most advanced industrial powers.
  8. The Networked Home: Every household device will be networked to a single home device monitor (like a tablet or smart phone) enabling people to manage all their power consumption, food inventories, personal consumption, and appliance maintenance in one place.
  9. Unmanned Probe Reaches Another Star System: Humanity is able to produce a propulsion system capable of reaching the nearest star by 2112.
  10. Scientists Discover Several Habitable Planets and/or Moons: Using advanced astronomical techniques, scientists discover several planets and/or moons capable of supporting human habitation.
  11. Hydrogen Fuel Cells Supplant Fossil Fuels as a Primary Transportation Fuel: As fossil fuels like oil dwindle and costs for hydrogen fuel cell technologies come down, humanity will increasingly use hydrogen over petroleum to power cars and trains.
  12. Doctors Will Routinely Use Self-Replicating Nanites to Heal Damaged Tissue: Doctors will have access to molecular assemblers that help precisely stitch molecules together in damaged tissue.

I look forward to reading your predictions as well.

Happy New Year!

About Sean Patrick Hazlett

Finance executive, engineer, former military officer, and science fiction and horror writer. Editor of the Weird World War III anthology.
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14 Responses to 12 Technology Predictions for 2112

  1. surexpress says:

    Cloned Organs? They can do that? I also have high hopes for Hydrogen Fuel; Fossil Fuels need to be replaced already

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  3. JL says:

    Good collection Sean. Perhaps it would be a good idea to fix power outages before networking all our homes. It’s crazy how we still have those with all our modern tech.

  4. jlhartman says:

    Improvements (in both size and efficiency) in photo-voltaic solar panels and batteries will lead to ubiquitous, modular power sources for everything (including self-driving cars which is what I’m most looking forward to).

  5. Scott Erb says:

    I’ve got my predictions up on my site. Your numbers 9 and 10 would be especially exciting!

  6. middleagedhousewife says:

    Shame on me for not paying attention. I thought you wanted predictions for 2012. I realized my mistake and have a few for 2112 posted on my site. Have a happy new year.

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