My Story, “Chandler’s Hollow” Is Now Available on Perihelion Online Science Fiction

Source: Perihelion Online Science Fiction

Source: Perihelion Online Science Fiction

I’m happy to announce that my story, “Chandler’s Hollow”, is now available at Perihelion Online Science Fiction.

This story is my take on a local Delaware-Pennsylvania legend about a cult house near the Brandywine River. Growing up, I heard several variations of this story. In most of them, the cult house had windows in the shape of inverted crosses and trees bowed away from the structure, presumably because it emanated evil. Onlookers who dared visit the site frequently reported being chased by a strange black Bronco with stadium lights.

To make this story my own, I took a kernel of the legend and melded it with multiverse brane theory, a mass extinction event occurring several thousand years ago, and some colonial history (some true, some invented).

“Chandler’s Hollow” is the result.

You can read it for free here.

I hope you enjoy it.


Buy my first complete anthology at Amazon or Smashwords. It includes ten stories about cursed alien artifacts, interstellar investment banking, ancient alien astronauts, parallel timelines, alien experimentation, and space colonization gone horribly wrong.

First published in venues like Fictionvale MagazineNewMyths.comMad Scientist JournalPlasma Frequency MagazineOutposts of Beyond, and The Colored Lens, several of these stories have received Honorable Mentions in the prestigious Writers of the Future Contest.


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