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Rick Perry’s Republican Class Warfare

“As the son of tenant farmers, I can promise you I wasn’t born with four aces in my hand.” – Governor Rick Perry to Iowa GOP activists, not-so-subtly referencing Mitt Romney’s claim that Texas’ success had more to do with low taxes … Continue reading

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Why Texas Governors Don’t Go to Prison

Rick Perry’s aide gave a beautifully roundabout answer to a recent question about the blatant quid pro quo that marked his reign as Governor.  The spokesman explained, “There’s never been any wrongdoing substantiated.” Nor will there be.  Remarkably, Perry’s probably … Continue reading

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Why Conservatives Are Cautious About Climate Change

Rick Perry is making headlines with more Bachmannesque brayings. This time, he is accusing scientists of basically making up global warming as some sort of evil joke – the way they did with evolution.   As the competition to win the nomination … Continue reading

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I Only Let Republicans Grope Me

One of Presidential hopeful Rick Perry’s favorite distractions in the last Texas legislative session was a bill that proposed a stop to all those perverted TSA federales at the airport from feeling up passengers for entertainment.  Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with this outrage.  … Continue reading

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Rick Perry and Texas’ Real Economic Advantage

As Governor Rick Perry positions for his big run, it’s worth examining the accomplishments he can and can’t take credit for.  The importance of this exercise stretches beyond his campaign.  You can expect that other states might try to duplicate Texas’ … Continue reading

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