Dispatches from the U.S.S. DeKalb: February 8, 1918

February 8, 2018

Source: C. Gilbert Hazlett, February 8, 1918

February 8, 1918

Reported aboard U.S.S. DeKalb this date. Assigned to duty as G.S.K.

Went out with Myers on working party to take on stores. Slept aboard – Ch. Yeo. Farrand’s bunk. My stateroom being painted.

Turned in 9.30 P.M.

1. G.S.K. is an acronym for General Store Keeper.
2. Ch. Yeo. is shorthand for Chief Yeoman.

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Dispatches from the U.S.S. DeKalb: Introduction

U.S.S. DeKalb, circa 1917-1919, Source: Naval History and Heritage Command

U.S.S. DeKalb, circa 1917-1919, Source: Naval History and Heritage Command

This past holiday season, my father passed on my great grandfather’s journal, which chronicles his service on the U.S.S. DeKalb during the First World War.

To help preserve my family’s legacy and to share history that, until now, has only been available to family, I’m posting entries from this journal 98 years to the day from my great grandfather’s first entry on February 8, 1918 to his final entry on May 1, 1918. These posts will include both a picture of each journal entry in my great grandfather’s own hand as well as a printed transcript for ease of reading.

Military service is typically associated with long stretches of boredom punctuated by brief instances of terror. The entries in this journal are no different and should provide a good perspective on what it was like to ferry men and material across the storm-ridden Atlantic and into sub-infested waters.

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“Tunguska” Published in Kasma SF Magazine

Source: Kasma SF Magazine. Illustration by Jose Baetas

Source: Kasma SF Magazine. Illustration by Jose Baetas

“Tunguska”, my second story to appear on the Kasma SF Magazine website, is now live.
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2015 Writing Statistics and Revenue

Many authors in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres track their writing progress and provide a summary of this progress at the end of each year. For instance, Rahul Kanakia presents an excellent summary of his submissions data, Nick Mamatas provides some great commentary on his 2015 sales, and Jim C. Hines provides a data rich post on the income he generates from writing as well as a summary of his writing statistics.

This post aims to apply elements from all three of these authors to summarize the progress I’ve made with my writing in 2015. What I think makes this post a bit different is that I am not remotely as established as the three authors above. This post will show, for instance, how embarrassingly little revenue I’ve generated from writing thus far. But I hope it will also provide a perspective of what it’s like for an author that is at a much earlier stage of his career. Continue reading

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“Skin” Featured in Kasma SF Magazine

Source: Kasma SF Magazine. Illustration by Jose Baetas

Source: Kasma SF Magazine. Illustration by Jose Baetas

My flash fiction story, “Skin”, is now live on the Kasma SF Magazine website.

The story even has its own illustration, which really brings to life some of the more disturbing aspects of this story.
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Australian Gun Buyback Program’s Impact on Crime

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

With each tragic mass shooting, there is a flurry of cries by liberals to enact new gun control laws based on the argument populations with higher gun ownership tend to have more gun-related homicides and suicides. Similarly, folks on the right counter that restricting gun ownership would lead to more crime. Frequently, both sides point to Australia’s gun buyback program in 1996 to support these arguments. For context, Australia introduced its gun buyback program in response to the Port Arthur massacre in which 35 people were killed and 23 were wounded.

In the case of Australia, both sides are right. Continue reading

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“Hill of Souls” Published in Outposts of Beyond

Source: Outposts of Beyond

Source: Outposts of Beyond

My short story “Hill of Souls” is now in the current issue of Outposts of Beyond.

It takes place during the Siege of Port Arthur, a bloody land battle in the Russo-Japanese War that lasted from August 1904 to January 1905. It is also the first historical fantasy story I’ve ever written.

The story focuses on a Japanese soldier named Captain Tanaka Hideki who is a member of an occult organization known only to Japan’s senior leadership as Unit 108. His mission is to track down a possessed Russian necromancer who lays in wait on the strategic terrain feature known only as Hill 203.

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“Boomer Hunter” Featured in Grimdark Magazine

Source: Grimdark Magazine

Source: Grimdark Magazine

I’m excited to report that my short story “Boomer Hunter” is in the current issue of Grimdark Magazine.

And yes, the story is about exactly what you think it is.

In addition to having grimdark themes, the story is what I would consider economic science fiction, if such a sub-genre even exists.

This particular piece posits what might happen to U.S. fiscal and entitlement policy if bondholders flooded the bond market with U.S. Treasury bonds and the cost of servicing future U.S. debt ballooned because of rising interest rates.

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Remembering Jay on Memorial Day 2015

Every Memorial Day, I honor the sacrifice of my friend, Jay. As the world changes and the years fade, it is important that we never forget those who have selflessly sacrificed their lives in the service of our country. Jay exemplifies that long gray line of West Pointers who lived and died by the motto: Duty, Honor, Country.

Today is his day.

And it marks a decade of Memorial Days since his passing.

For the past four years, I have posted the following words about Jay. As always, the same sentiments still apply today.

I miss you, buddy.

The cross-currents of individual lives can be interesting things. Through time we each follow our own paths. On occasion, these paths intersect unexpectedly with those of greater men and women.

During my life, my path crossed several times with one of my generation’s finest.

I met Jay in high school. He was a serious, quiet, and determined person. He was also one heck of an athlete, leading my high school soccer team to the State Championship as its all-star goalie.

Opting for a more serious life dedicated to service, Jay applied for and received an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

After we graduated from high school, I never considered that my path might cross with Jay again during my military career.

But alas, the military community is a small one.

When Jay arrived at the National Training Center, I was happy to see him again.

Life has a funny way of timing things. Coincidentally, our daughters were born a day and a room apart in the same hospital ward.

During my last year of military service in the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, I was thrilled to learn that Jay would command Echo Troop, Alpha Troop’s sister company, where I had served as an executive officer.

I knew the soldiers of Echo Troop well. At the National Training Center Alpha and Echo Troop served together every month as a Soviet-style Motorized Rifle Battalion. We ate together and we trained together.

Before leaving the high Mojave desert forever, I came to see Jay one last time to make sure he knew what great soldiers he would command.

It was the last time I would ever speak to him.

Twenty months later, while sitting in the comfort of a business school classroom in Massachusetts, I learned that Jay would not be returning home to his family.

Exemplifying the principle of leadership by example, Jay was personally inspecting a vehicle at a traffic control point in Iraq when a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device detonated.

He died on April 29, 2005.

Jay was a quiet and serious officer who cared deeply about his soldiers and his country. His integrity, loyalty and selfless service were impeccable. He made the ultimate sacrifice so that others may live in freedom and for that we all owe him a great debt.

Jay, I still sorely miss you.

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Alien Abattoir Available Now!

Alien Abattoir Medium Cover

This week I released my first anthology on Amazon and Smashwords, and I am holding a giveaway until April 11th for a chance to win one of several copies here.

The anthology contains ten stories about cursed alien artifacts, interstellar investment banking, ancient alien astronauts, parallel timelines, alien experimentation, and space colonization gone horribly wrong. It includes new stories as well as previously published ones from venues like Fictionvale MagazineNewMyths.comMad Scientist JournalPlasma Frequency MagazineOutposts of Beyond, and The Colored Lens. Four of these stories have also received Honorable Mentions in the Writers of the Future Contest.

Please check it out. I hope you enjoy it.

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