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Through A Glass Darkly YouTube Channel

I just wanted everyone to be aware of a YouTube channel I started about three months ago called Through A Glass Darkly with Sean. Followers of this blog will be particularly interested in the channel’s geopolitical content. For instance, below … Continue reading

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The Power of Time Perspectives

In the above video, Professor Philip Zimbardo discusses some intriguing theories about how people’s time perspectives affect their behavior. He posits that belief systems regarding time influence everything from work ethic to health. Incidentally, Professor Zimbardo is also the same person who ran the Stanford … Continue reading

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Another Strike from Unionized Employees in a Declining Industry

“You can deal with the name calling, you can deal with the picket lines, but it’s crazy when they’re an inch from your face screaming that they’re going to kill you and your family.” —Verizon manager, who refused to provide … Continue reading

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A Call to Service Solution to Partisan Divide

On Monday, Admiral Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff lamented that “America doesn’t know its military and the United States military doesn’t know America.” I could not agree with him more. Less than one percent of … Continue reading

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