Another Sign That Attacking Libya Has Harmed America’s Nuclear Non-Proliferation Efforts

Right on queue, the North Koreans are proclaiming that the West’s disarmament agreement with Libya was “an invasion tactic to disarm the country.”

I’m not surprised. All of this was, of course, forseeable.

For American vital interests, the threat of nuclear proliferation dominates the threat of a tin-pot dictator involved in an Arab civil war. Yet, President Obama, in his infinite wisdom, chose to focus on the latter rather than the former.

It looks like hope has triumphed over experience.

Miss George W. Bush yet?

About Sean Patrick Hazlett

Finance executive, engineer, former military officer, and science fiction and horror writer. Editor of the Weird World War III anthology.
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2 Responses to Another Sign That Attacking Libya Has Harmed America’s Nuclear Non-Proliferation Efforts

  1. Though I think of myself as kind of middle right, I will confess that I voted for Obama in 2008.

    Why? Mostly because I liked the fact that he had opposed the war in Iraq from the start, and at least by 2008 I thought that was the right place to have been. McCain in contrast couldn’t really seem to get much past proclaiming the surge as a great success, without acknowledging the war had been a mistake in the first place. In fact, he almost seemed to be itching for a fight with Russia over Georgia.

    So, I thought sensible “no drama” Obama, whatever is other failings (like letting the congress turn the stimulus into a pork fest) wouldn’t use his commander in chief power to carelessly take us into war again.


    I think Lewis Black nailed it on the Daily Show. Why don’t we just elect Donald Trump. What we need is a third world strongman. Our system just doesn’t seem to bring us sensible good candidates.

    So if we’re gonna have bad presidents, let’s make them REALLY bad.

    • I voted for McCain, but mainly as a vote against Obama. I voted against Obama because I thought he had no experience and having charisma gets no points from me. I hope it shows on my blog, but I am a very data-driven person. If the data isn’t there, I get suspicious. I believe in global warming, for instance, because the data strongly points to it.

      Before his very brief stint as a Senator, Obama had never run anything. When I looked at Obama and saw that I’ve run larger organizations than he had, I just couldn’t pull the lever in his direction. I just didn’t think he was qualified for the job (because I know that I am not qualified for it).

      I mean if you were going to hire a new CEO of General Electric, would you hire a former community organizer who briefly served as a U.S. Senator?

      Heck, no. You’d hire someone who’s run something else like another corporation, a military unit, or a state.

      I’m actually not surprised by any of this. I think the President is a really good person and that he sincerely hopes to do his best for the country. I think he is extremely analytical and intelligent. I also think he is one of the most talented orators our nation has ever seen.

      But I also think he is completely out of his depth. For the most important job on the planet, you need experience and you need to be a leader. Unfortunately, Obama is not one and it shows.

      However, it turns out that McCain is a big fan of this Libyan action as well. He is pretty much up for any fight, advised or ill-advised (e.g., he wanted to send ground troops to Kosovo) and I think this is McCain’s biggest single flaw. Either way, the nation still probably would have blundered into Libya.

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