Homage to Nancy Pelosi

A left-leaning blogger at Poison Your Mind has suggested that the GOP is insane from top to bottom. I do not disagree that many Republicans have behaved rather irrationally in recent years. That said, the Democratic Party has its fair share of those who are both lacking in intelligence and rationality.

Exhibit A is Nancy Pelosi.

Below, I have compiled a collection of her “greatest hits.”

“Every Month That We Do Not Have An Economic Recovery Package, 500 Million Americans Lose Their Jobs”

This one is precious. Of course, there aren’t 500 million Americans. There are roughly 300 million.

Natural Gas Is an Alternative to Fossil Fuels

Again, Representative Pelosi’s ignorance is staggering.

“There Is More Bang for the Buck…by Investing in Food Stamps…”

No comment.

Double Standard on Minimum Wage

“We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It”

This little gem could be a Freudian slip about what Pelosi really thinks about the “proles.”

“There Will Be No Earmarks”

This comment is an outright lie.

Hypocrisy on Tea Party Protests

Representative Pelosi admires “disruptors” so long as they agree with her.

Healthcare Bill Allows People to Quit Their Jobs and Pursue Their “Creative” Interests

For once, I agree with Representative Pelosi that the Bill will allow more people to quit their jobs. However, I do not think millions of people leaving honest work would be a positive overall development for the country.

“It Runs Out When the Problems Go Away”

How convenient.

Unemployment Checks Create Jobs

No comment necessary.

The bottom line is that while the left and right have their share of lunatics and idiots, Representative Pelosi takes the cake.

About Sean Patrick Hazlett

Finance executive, engineer, former military officer, and science fiction and horror writer. Editor of the Weird World War III anthology.
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9 Responses to Homage to Nancy Pelosi

  1. rogerthesurf says:

    Do I hear correctly in the second video that Rep Pelosi and her husband are investing in Natural Gas extraction as well as being in a position to influence the consumption of that gas?




    • You did indeed.

      How’s life in New Zealand?

      • rogerthesurf says:

        Hi Sean,

        Nice to hear from you.
        Life in my city, (Christchurch New Zealand) is cold and miserable. Cold because we got 18 inches of snow last week and a few nights of -4Deg C. That may not seem much to you, but this place almost never gets snow and almost never never gets as much as 18 inches.
        Of course this is caused by global warming/climate change/climate disruption or just random chance.
        As you may have read we also have been devastated by three major earthquakes, which have closed the CBD (for demolition) and left many houses barely fit to live in, with cladding shaken off and gaps in the walls/roofs etc. The worst hit have moved out, but most of us just need to shiver until the government does something. Why wait for the government you might ask? why not just let your insurance company get on with it? Well that would be nice, but the government feels it needs to be seen as doing something, so instead of cutting red tape, they have actually suspended normal property rights etc and formed a special government dept in order to create more red tape. So no one is doing any actual rebuilding in case the land gets designated as a reserve or something and demolition contractor’s machinery is often seen idle, especially during weekends. http://www.itsourcity.org.nz/content/cera-for-dummies http://www.cera.govt.nz

        Of course some blame the earthquakes on Global Warming, especially because of their severity. (Although the earthquakes were relatively moderate ranging from 6.2 to 7.1 magnitude, the shallowness of them resulted in ground accelerations of up to 2.2 g’s which are more than cataclysmic on the Mercalli Scale) eg .0.50g – very high; well-designed buildings can survive if the duration is short.

        So apart from our ever increasing left leaning governments, (where your Rep Pelosi would feel quite at home(, so long as one steers clear of the government, NZ is still a great place to live, so long as you are not fixing to become wealthy.

        How is life in DC?




        • Roger,

          It’s awful to hear that both the weather and government are stifling the recovery. I also had no idea that the government has virtually suspended private property rights.

          I look forward to learning more about the situation from your blog.

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  3. Scott Erb says:

    I bet all of us if we talked on every issue and were followed and scrutinized would leave a similar record. But given what she’s accomplished — agree or disagree with her — she’s clearly not an idiot and not a lunatic. In fact, she’s probably one of the most shrewdly strategic minds the Democrats have.

    • I completely disagree. I think she is a testament to some of the pitfalls of popularly elected politicians. Many have more charisma than brains. I honestly believe Pelosi is an idiot. That said, Saddam Hussein did not seem so bright either, but he was ruthless and that made all the difference.

  4. Chris Van Trump says:

    Given the current state of the American political system… Intelligence, beyond a certain point, is not necessary for success.

    What is necessary?

    Flexible morality and the ability to convincingly parrot the opinions of your electorate.

    And really, if we left out the “convincingly” part of the latter statement, we could lump that under flexible morality as well. Lying, after all, is not a moral act, nor is obfuscation or misrepresentation.

    The electoral system as it currently exists actively encourages corruption. The average voter can be swayed by a sufficiently savvy and pervasive media campaign, after all, and those kinds of campaigns cost money. In order to get money, politicians will cozy up to whatever special interest group is not utterly distasteful to their electorates, and typically a few that are if they think they can sneak it in under the radar.

    Votes are being bought. Not just the votes of politicians, to smooth the way for laws and programs deemed beneficial by the relevant special interest groups; but the votes of the people, to permit those politicians to continue selling out.

    It’s a complicated mess, and without some truly significant reform, it may never be resolved.

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