A Responsible Endgame for Libya

It appears that the Obama administration appears interested in negotiating a cease-fire between the two Libyan camps after all. Of course, Qaddafi’s stepping down will likely be a precondition.

Former United States Representative Curt Weldon, who has had diplomatic contact with Qaddafi’s family in the past, is currently leading a private delegation to Libya to persuade Colonel Qaddafi to step aside.

It will be a difficult ask, but hopefully it turns out to be a successful mission.

About Sean Patrick Hazlett

Finance executive, engineer, former military officer, and science fiction and horror writer. Editor of the Weird World War III anthology.
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3 Responses to A Responsible Endgame for Libya

  1. Scott Erb says:

    Agreed. Gaddafi has to be smart enough to know that he can’t win just by fighting on — the West will see it as necessary not to leave the rebels in the lurch. So he may be showing strength to send a message: defeating me will be costly, you’ve got to make me a deal I can live with. If the US and NATO can do this (even if the rebels protest the details) this can end quickly. That would ultimately be best for both Libya and NATO.

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