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Obama Spoof Getting More Hits Than Real Obama

I want to thank the Dividest over at Divided We Stand United We Fall for sharing the observation by Ben Smith at Politico that the GOP parody of President Obama’s first reelection ad is generating far more hits than the … Continue reading

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Americans Have More Pragmatic Views on Energy Policy Than Their Leaders Do

One frustration that I have always had with both the Republican and Democratic energy policies is that neither solves America’s energy problems. On the one hand, the Democratic strategy would result in the nation’s economic collapse in twenty years or … Continue reading

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A Responsible Endgame for Libya

It appears that the Obama administration appears interested in negotiating a cease-fire between the two Libyan camps after all. Of course, Qaddafi’s stepping down will likely be a precondition. Former United States Representative Curt Weldon, who has had diplomatic contact … Continue reading

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