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The Conflict over Iran’s Nuclear Program Continues

On December 20th, I cataloged several incidents that occurred during the past two years, indicating that a covert war between the West (including Israel) and Iran was well underway. In recent days, several prominent American defense officials have begun signaling that the conflict … Continue reading

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12 Technology Predictions for 2112: Throwing Down the Gauntlet

In a previous comment thread, Professor Scott Erb suggested it would be interesting to hear people’s predictions about future technologies they believe will be available by 2112. So, I am throwing down the gauntlet now. If you have a blog, … Continue reading

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Predictions from 1900?

As we are about to enter 2012, I thought I would post some interesting predictions supposedly written in 1900. I discovered this list on PBS.org which purports to be predictions from The Ladies Home Journal written in 1900. To be frank, … Continue reading

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