Dispatches from the U.S.S. DeKalb: April 6, 1918 (Censored)

Source: C. Gilbert Hazlett, April 6, 1918

Source: C. Gilbert Hazlett, April 6, 1918

April 6, 1918

On watch 12 midnight to 4 A.M.

Worked in G.S.K. 8 to 12 noon.

Had two “Battles Royal” in afternoon between seven husky [redacted]; purse in each battle $25; $20 to winner, $5 to second best.

On watch 4 to 6 P.M.

The redacted word in the journal entry above is one that would be considered offensive by modern standards, but seems to have been a term in common usage at the time my great grandfather penned it.

For history’s sake, my preference would have been to show the 98-year-old entry in its entirety, but in today’s highly charged and irrational politically correct environment (for an example of such insanity, read this article), the preservation of history with all its warts is simply not worth the potential firestorm.

If readers are still interested in learning what my great grandfather said, they can find examples here, here, and here. However, if you click on these links and are offended, you are entirely to blame. I’ve given you more than fair warning.

I shudder to think that we’ve reached such a low as a society, to the point where I have to censor words written 98 years ago, but sadly here we are.

No thought crimes were committed here.

About Sean Patrick Hazlett

Finance executive, engineer, former military officer, and science fiction and horror writer. Editor of the Weird World War III anthology.
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