Help Me Choose a Title for My Next Science Fiction Thriller

I’m trying to choose the next title for my novel, and I wanted to tap into the crowd’s wisdom to help with the decision.

Which of the following titles do you prefer? And by “prefer” I mean which ones would actually inspire you to buy the book (i.e., without knowing anything else about the book, which titles seem most intriguing to you?).

I appreciate your help in advance. Please share liberally.

About Sean Patrick Hazlett

Finance executive, engineer, former military officer, and science fiction and horror writer. Editor of the Weird World War III anthology.
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2 Responses to Help Me Choose a Title for My Next Science Fiction Thriller

  1. Kevin Davis says:

    Before making an informed decision I would need to know more about what the book is about.

    • World War II. Soviet female sniper and German male soldier must flee Europe to warn the Allies of an alien infestation in Russia and a rift in space-time spewing Nazi super soldiers from a thousand-year Reich.

      Think Saving Private Ryan meets Aliens on meth.

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