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“Boomer Hunter” Featured in Grimdark Magazine

I’m excited to report that my short story “Boomer Hunter” is in the current issue of Grimdark Magazine. And yes, the story is about exactly what you think it is. In addition to having grimdark themes, the story is what … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Retirement Systems

Are you old enough to begin to care about your retirement income? Well, if you are of voting age, perhaps you are. “What?” you say. “I need to start worrying about my financial situation at age 65 or 70, when I’m … Continue reading

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The Selfish Generation

Earlier this month, AARP released the video above, which typifies every stereotype many members of my generation hold about Baby Boomers. Namely that they lived it up in the sixties, led extremely comfortable and self-indulgent lives built on the backs of the … Continue reading

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