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Why Is Jon Huntsman Running for President?

Jon Huntsman seems like a solid, reasonable guy with outstanding leadership credentials and a great head on his shoulders.  He speaks like an adult.  He has accomplished great things in both corporate life and public service, building an impressive resume … Continue reading

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The American Devolution

We have entered an era of relentless creation and destruction that is shifting power in every form away from established elites, devolving it into smaller and smaller cores.  This shift has been in motion in the West at least since … Continue reading

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Decision 2012: War in the Fifth Domain

During the twentieth century, military strategists fought war in four domains: land, sea, air, and space. With the internet revolution of the late twentieth century, they faced war in a fifth domain: cyberspace. Similarly, politicians campaigned in four domains: in … Continue reading

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Obama Spoof Getting More Hits Than Real Obama

I want to thank the Dividest over at Divided We Stand United We Fall for sharing the observation by Ben Smith at Politico that the GOP parody of President Obama’s first reelection ad is generating far more hits than the … Continue reading

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Hope Isn’t Hiring

Today, the GOP has begun its official campaign to unseat President Obama. The title of the campaign is brilliant: “Hope Isn’t Hiring” because it is both simple and true. However, Republicans still haven’t quite figured out the whole social networking … Continue reading

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