Decision 2012: War in the Fifth Domain

During the twentieth century, military strategists fought war in four domains: land, sea, air, and space. With the internet revolution of the late twentieth century, they faced war in a fifth domain: cyberspace.

Similarly, politicians campaigned in four domains: in person, in print, on the radio, and on television. Now, they must master the cyber domain, as political campaigners on both sides of the aisle gear up for another colossal contest over who will become America’s next president.

In the last such contest, the Democratic Party dominated the GOP in cyberspace.

However, the Republicans quickly bridged this gap in the 2010 Congressional elections. According to Pew, “among social networking site users, 40% of Republican voters and 38% of Democratic voters used [social networking sites] to get involved politically.” Additionally, Tea Party supporters were more likely than any other group “to friend a candidate or political group on a social networking site during the 2010 election.”

Pretty interesting for a group of people, whom the President believes “cling to guns or religion” because they are “bitter.”

In one of the initial salvos of his campaign, President Obama posted the following YouTube video to encourage supporters to view a livestream of his townhall visit to Facebook today at 4:45 pm EST.

Thus far, the response by his Facebook followers has been lackluster. As of Tuesday afternnon, out of President Obama’s 19.3 million Facebook fans, a little over 22,000 signed up to view the townhall meeting.

Either way, the technological arms race between the two political parties should prove interesting as the 2012 election campaign intensifies.

About Sean Patrick Hazlett

Finance executive, engineer, former military officer, and science fiction and horror writer. Editor of the Weird World War III anthology.
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1 Response to Decision 2012: War in the Fifth Domain

  1. ted hazlet says:

    sean, this man ( obama), if you want to call him a man( I saw him throw out the first pitch in a pro baseball game and very much doubt his basketball ability ) has lied every time he has opened his mouth ( gitmo, trials of detainees, taxing middle class, raising debt limit, not invading countries health plan reducing deficit, health premiums not rising, employment under eight percent, et al ). Check his grades at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard. This is affirmative action based on skin color at its finest. This guy, with every free ride and no intelligence, has bilked the system and became President. Dems refer to the current batch of republicans going into the next race, and demonize them ( which is their strategy on everything ). Just remember that obama was the smallest midget in the room when he ran, and has lost many inches on his height. we must get back to strict fiscal discipline, strong national defense, and a strong dollar _ TED

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