The Few, the Proud, the 3,111 Who Voted Against TSA Unionization

While it is no surprise that the majority of the TSA’s 44,000 airport screeners voted for unionization, it is worth noting that 3,111 brave souls voted against it.

Good for them.

My guess is that the majority of them are likely military veterans.

It is good to hear that some people still believe in personal accountability and responsibility. It is also noteworthy that some still resisted the yoke of union thuggery.

Alas, get ready for mind-numbing work stoppages and shift changes courtesy of your favorite government employee union.

About Sean Patrick Hazlett

Finance executive, engineer, former military officer, and science fiction and horror writer. Editor of the Weird World War III anthology.
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8 Responses to The Few, the Proud, the 3,111 Who Voted Against TSA Unionization

  1. RNL says:

    gosh, man. i hope it’s likely that they are no longer doing the mind-numbing work….. or are management and didn’t want to join the knee-capping peasant brigade.

  2. V. R. Kaine says:

    Not surprising. Can’t wait for the “12 lines of people with 2 agents on duty and 10 agents on break” situations at McCarran Airport.

    Do we know yet if they’ve got right to strike?

  3. V. R. Kaine says:

    Whoops – just read the article. Looks like the typical thuggery is being limited.

  4. Scott Erb says:

    I really fail to see how giving workers the right to organize and negotiate is somehow bad. If it wasn’t for unions, where would we be in terms of labor relations? I look at the “unions are thugs” argument the same I way I look at the “owners are exploiters” argument. Yeah, some business owners want to abuse their workers if they can get away with it, and some unions ignore reason to try to push for more money and benefits. But most of the time it’s a good way for workers to figure out what matters to them, protect themselves from unfair treatment, and try to negotiate a fair wage. The “unions are bad” from the right strikes me as a mirror image argument of the “corporations are bad” from the left. Sometimes each are bad, but usually not.

    • Scott,

      I think unions have served their purpose in this country. Now, I think they are partially responsible (in addition to the corporate tax code) for the off-shoring of US jobs. They are doubly bad for the public sector because they help fund the election of their own management. This results in a death spiral of more pension benefits in exchange for more campaign contributions.

      Anyway, my two cents.

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