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I Only Let Republicans Grope Me

One of Presidential hopeful Rick Perry’s favorite distractions in the last Texas legislative session was a bill that proposed a stop to all those perverted TSA federales at the airport from feeling up passengers for entertainment.  Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with this outrage.  … Continue reading

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The Few, the Proud, the 3,111 Who Voted Against TSA Unionization

While it is no surprise that the majority of the TSA’s 44,000 airport screeners voted for unionization, it is worth noting that 3,111 brave souls voted against it. Good for them. My guess is that the majority of them are likely … Continue reading

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Your Airport Security Line is About to Get a Lot Longer

Transportation Security Administration screeners will finish casting their votes on whether to unionize by next Tuesday. The smart money says that the majority of the 44,000 airport screeners will vote for unionization. TSA unionization is a terrible idea for three reasons.

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The Death of Common Sense

This video outraged me. The TSA continues to pat down and drug test random children. What’s the point? What ever happened to critical thinking in this country? There is no logical security reason to pat down children unless one has reasonable … Continue reading

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