Palin Is In?

Source: Spencer Weiner/Associated Press via The New York Times

Just when I thought the field of Republican Presidential candidates could not get any worse, The New York Times speculated yesterday that Sarah Palin may be seriously considering a Presidential bid.

This is not the first time a major media outlet has suggested that Palin may run, and it will not likely be the last.

Either way. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I have nothing personal against Mrs. Palin. I just do not think she possesses the necessary qualifications to be President.

While she certainly has more executive experience than President Obama did before he ran for President, she failed to finish her first term. 

And to be blunt, I do not think she has the analytical firepower to be a great President.

She is certainly very attractive and charismatic, but I value analytical firepower in my leaders far more than I do charisma.

That said, if forced to choose between President Obama on the one hand, and Sarah Palin on the other, I think I will just sit home.

Mrs. Palin, please, for the good of your party, stick to a very successful and prosperous media career.

About Sean Patrick Hazlett

Finance executive, engineer, former military officer, and science fiction and horror writer. Editor of the Weird World War III anthology.
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12 Responses to Palin Is In?

  1. nickgb says:

    Man, RE and I argue about this all the time. First of all, he thinks there’s no chance she’ll run and I think she definitely will. But on the other hand, he thinks that it’d be great if she did, because we’d win easily, while I’m terrified that she could possibly win… I think I’m right on the first point, and I’m coming to agree with him on the second point.

    That said, I think the NYT piece is pretty weak. I thought about blogging it earlier, but they are really stretching. She bought a house in Arizona, so they think it could be a base of operations?!? Why Arizona, why not an important battleground state? Or a house near a real airport (sorry Sky Harbor!)? Or why wouldn’t she get a smaller house for the campaign season, since she wouldn’t even be in it that much. This, to me, is a winter home to be closer to family, and signifies nothing at all. I’m going to accuse the NYT of trying to make mountains out of a moron-hill on this one. And besides, since when are the political ambitions of a failed mayor, governor, and reality show host something that deserve round-the-clock treatment by the “paper of record”. For shame, NYT.

    • Obviously I hope she doesn’t run. However, if she wins the nomination, I’m pretty confident it would be a cake walk for Obama. So you would likely have no reason to worry.

      I also agree that The New Times piece was a bit of a stretch. That said, it is probably generating a ton of hits. After all, that is the name of the game nowadays.

      Speaking of hits, is your site generating any ad revenue yet?

      • nickgb says:

        Hard to say, very limited data set. Based on the week so far, it should pay its monthly bill within two weeks, but I suspect a lot of that was an opening day bump.

        • Wow. My only experience is with Amazon. Unless someone buys a book through my site, revenue is zero. I haven’t collected a penny yet.

          Did you pay WordPress to do the transfer and then use Google Adsense? My plan was to hit 30,000 page views a month and then pay for the switch. Now I am at about 17% of that target. About how page views a month do you think it takes to break-even on the transfer?

        • nickgb says:

          I got three people to buy Lady Gaga’s album last week on Amazon (it was 99 cents on sale), and pocketed a cool 40 cents…

          I’m going to send you a longer email on the rest of it because it’s off topic and detailed, check your mail in a half hour or so.

  2. Frogs says:

    Not to worry, she won’t run. She (eg: the people around her) knows how the will-she-won’t-she thing keeps her more relevant and valuable in her very successful and prosperous media career. She’ll milk it as long as possible. Textbook TV strategy, I smell a summer cliffhanger…

  3. Vern R. Kaine says:

    The primaries could be the opportunity to display her real knowledge about the economy and foreign affairs that she never really had a chance to showcase in 2008.

    OK, couldn’t keep a straight face on that one!!!! I just want her in there for the entertainment SO LONG AS there’s a truly Presidential candidate running, and I personally don’t see one yet.

  4. Do ya’ think she could wear a non-red coat??? That makes her the British during revolutionary war doesn’t it?

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