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Palin Is In?

Just when I thought the field of Republican Presidential candidates could not get any worse, The New York Times speculated yesterday that Sarah Palin may be seriously considering a Presidential bid. This is not the first time a major media outlet … Continue reading

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The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

I decided to break from tradition and to publish something a little less serious. I put together this little video using a program called xtranormal. It is satire on what many left bloggers write and think about conservatives. Huffington Post … Continue reading

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Mr. Kettle, Meet Mr. Pot: Both Right and Left Guilty of Targeting Imagery

So we’ve all seen the infamous and unfortunate Palin campaign map circa 2010. Below is the Democratic Leadership Council’s “Targeting Strategy” circa 2004 with a reference to Republican-leaning states being “behind enemy lines.” You know what they say about people … Continue reading

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Shamelessly Peddling Keynesian Economics, Again…

One of the most important things I learned as a military officer was to know my adversary. As such, I have always considered it essential to read and think about what the best of the political opposition has to say, … Continue reading

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A Return to Reason

The current political climate has shifted decisively since the end of the Cold War from a dialogue between two political parties confronting the challenges of a bipolar world to a shouting match between two armed camps engaged in a zero … Continue reading

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