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Ann Coulter is the Andy Kaufman of Politics

Andy Kaufman is remembered as a comedian, but that’s only a default label.  We haven’t coined a term for what he did for a living.  His most popular role was the one he hated most, playing the lovable Latka Gravas on the … Continue reading

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California Loan-Sharking: Another Underhanded Tax Hike

On Saturday, July 9th, I received my annual California vehicle registration notice for $111. I am not sure what other states charge for an annual license and registration fee, but $111 seems a bit high. It is certainly a healthy … Continue reading

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“Civilization” Turns Pinko Commie

“Hell is other people.” — Jean-Paul Sartre When I first saw this article on CNN, my heart almost skipped a beat. Sid Meier was bringing his classic 1991 PC game, “Civilization” to Facebook! In my opinion, “Civilization” was one of the most addictive games … Continue reading

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