Medicaid and the Irish Republican Army

About two weeks ago, I posted a video I discovered via Breitbart TV, that was both hilarious and disturbing. In that video, James O’Keefe and another member of Project Veritas posed as two Russian drug smugglers applying for Medicaid in Ohio.

This video is the second installment of that series. In this version, a member of Project Veritas poses as a member of the Irish Republican Army. Of course, the South Carolinian civil servant was more than happy to help him apply for Medicaid.

Only in America.

About Sean Patrick Hazlett

Finance executive, engineer, former military officer, and science fiction and horror writer. Editor of the Weird World War III anthology.
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4 Responses to Medicaid and the Irish Republican Army

  1. Thanks for turning me on to this Sean.
    Remember back when mainstream journalists did the kind of work only O’Keefe and a handful of others do now?
    And what’s with this woman being absolutely clueless with the crazy story and the kilt? Has she been living under a rock? Astounding.

    • Thanks.

      To be honest, I have a problem with folks misrepresenting themselves just to trick people into giving them a story. That said, the Project Veritas folks do things that are so ridiculous, and so obviously over the top, that if a government employee falls for it, then that government program’s standards are sorely lacking and, therefore, worthy of scorn.

  2. This is a very trenchant point. What we want from our government is not the rule of law, approving applications on the basis of clear standards; what we want is for people in state health agencies to be authorized to decline to accept applications from anyone they think looks suspicious.

    This makes a great deal of sense, unless you think about it for five seconds.

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