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A Few Reflections On America During the Holidays

The video clip below is a patriotic medley that’s been a favorite of mine for several decades. I never seem to tire of it. In fact, I think we would all benefit if one greatly expanded it and its sentiments. What Can … Continue reading

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Stop the Insanity: Republicans Should Take the President’s Deal

I tend to group politicians in four quadrants: 1) liberal and pragmatic, 2) conservative and pragmatic, 3) liberal and ideological, and 4) conservative and ideological. To be blunt, I would rather support politicians in buckets #1 and #2, than those … Continue reading

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My Plan to Balance the Budget

To be honest, I am writing this blog to take advantage of a nifty little application The New York Times published a few months ago that actually makes the task of balancing the budget fun (No, really, I’m serious). I … Continue reading

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Budget Impasse Silly When Put in Perspective

As the threat of a government shutdown looms in less than thirty-four hours from now, it is important to put the whole impasse in perspective. When confronted by the sheer weight of the country’s budget and budget deficit, a difference of … Continue reading

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