Writers of the Future Contest 1Q29 Results

Back in December, I posted an article on the Writers of the Future Contest, and then provided an update in early March once contest participants started receiving rejections. I then posted another update estimating that as of March 15th, the contest had sent out between 44% and 53% of the contest’s rejections.  Between then and now, there was a slew of another 40-plus rejections on Duotrope. As of today, the contest has not yet officially reported any finalists or semifinalists. However, the contest administrators began awarding Honorable Mentions last week.

The first science fiction story I ever submitted to any market won an Honorable Mention. Roughly 10-15% of the 1,000 or so entrants win one each quarter. On the one hand, I am obviously disappointed that I did not place higher. On the other hand, the entire reason I entered the contest was to validate whether I could write interesting science fiction that someone might actually want to read (and even buy). As such, I consider my Honorable Mention to be an encouraging sign. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I also sent two more submissions to the 2Q12 and 3Q12 contests, and am currently working on a submission for 4Q12. As such, my fiction writing pursuits are the primary reason I haven’t posted on this site for the last 8 days.

As promised, I have posted my overall progress in the Writers of the Future Content below. Hopefully, I win before I run out space on this table.

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About Sean Patrick Hazlett

Finance executive, engineer, former military officer, and science fiction and horror writer. Editor of the Weird World War III anthology.
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6 Responses to Writers of the Future Contest 1Q29 Results

  1. middleagedhousewife says:

    Good luck in your writing endeavors.

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  3. As I am getting ready to submit to WOTF for the first time, I came across your blog today. I went from “Should I? Should I?” to “Yes, I should!” So thank you for that! Great data. Congrats on your honorable mention. Good luck with your next entries!

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