The Other 13: Ville Meriläinen


Source: Ville Meriläinen

I’m here with Ville Meriläinen, my fellow Writers of the Future writer-winner from Joensuu, Finland. He very graciously volunteered to answer the following questions from his cold country:

Tell me about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your background?

I am a university student from Joensuu, Finland, a smallish city about 100 km (~60 miles) from the Russian border. I’ve been learning English since kindergarten, and writing fiction in English since fifteen. Originally these were small humour pieces, but over time I began to expand and experiment with more complex plots, culminating in an attempt to write a novel. I started when I was 19 and finished a year and a half later. It will never see the light of the day, but I was proud of it then. I have since written three more, two of which are available on right now.

What kinds of stories do you write? Why?

As said, I used to write humor pieces, and I can still pull them off convincingly. I have a fairly deadpan sense of humor, which tends to translate passably into text, to the point where one of my rejection letters stated the reason of declination as bearing too much resemblance to Terry Pratchett. I was miffed by this for two reasons: I only started reading Pratchett after writing that story, and I also fail to see how that likeness is a bad thing.

More often, however, I write tragedies. I’m better at them, I think. Comes with living without the sun for most of the year.

Which of your fellow writer-winner stories do you like the most? Why?

“Adramelech”. I loved the Lovecraftian feel of it, and like the motif of Faustian trades in general. Basically everything about it appealed to my fiction sensibilities.

Honorable mentions: “Acquisition”, “Envoy in the Ice”, “Obsidian Spire”. All the stories in the anthology are great, but these four were closest to the kind of things I prefer.

CLOWNS! No seriously, CLOWNS! Because, CLOWNS!

I, too, love Edguy.

What is your most eccentric habit?

I get anxious if I can’t access an instrument for lengthy periods of time. When I write, I often get up from one keyboard and sit down by the other to gather my thoughts while I play, or try to get into the feel of a scene by playing music that might play in the background. That’s not the most eccentric habit to have, but it’s taught me to play the piano so at least it’s a useful idiosyncrasy.

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  1. Martin L. Shoemaker says:

    Minor note: “To read Ziporah’s story, “The Long Dizzy Down”, please buy your copy today of Writers of the Future: Volume 33.” Shouldn’t that be “To read Ville’s story…”?

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