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Mr. Kettle, Meet Mr. Pot: Both Right and Left Guilty of Targeting Imagery

So we’ve all seen the infamous and unfortunate Palin campaign map circa 2010. Below is the Democratic Leadership Council’s “Targeting Strategy” circa 2004 with a reference to Republican-leaning states being “behind enemy lines.” You know what they say about people … Continue reading

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Please Stick to Economics, Mr. Krugman

Less than forty-eight hours after a horrible tragedy involving a deranged lunatic whose library includes the works of Karl Marx, Mr. Krugman has the gall to make a blatantly partisan attack. Both parties are guilty of toxic rhetoric, even threats. … Continue reading

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Get Well, Gabby

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Congresswoman Giffords for her speedy recovery. The cowardly act of attacking an unarmed Congresswoman who was spending her Saturday meeting with constituents is all the more outrageous because she was … Continue reading

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