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Is Fracking Causing the Mystery Disease in Le Roy, New York?

Today, I learned that eighteen individuals in LeRoy, New York have been suffering inexplicably from a strange neurological disorder that caused them to develop “uncontrollable twitching and verbal tics.” No one seems to be able to explain the root cause … Continue reading

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Why the Right Needs a Dog in the Clean Energy Fight

The problem with the current energy debate is that on the one hand, the right’s solutions will keep the economy humming for the next twenty years after which there will be a massive energy crisis.

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Felling Pharaohs: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid (Part IV)

While the last three parts of this series focused on issues ranging from the immediate impact on Egypt to the far reaching potential for unrest to spread to key American energy suppliers, it has ignored the crisis’ implications for Israel. … Continue reading

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