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American Stealth Drone Crashes in Iran

It seems Iranian claims that an American drone crashed on its territory are true. Not only was the drone in question an American one, but also it had highly sophisticated stealth technology. According to The New York Times, the drone crashed in Iran … Continue reading

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Republicans Should Beware Obama’s Advantage on National Defense

With the unemployment rate above 8% for the last 33 consecutive months, it is little surprise that the President’s job approval is only at 43%. An early October Gallup poll found 46% of respondents would vote for a generic GOP candidate … Continue reading

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I Only Let Republicans Grope Me

One of Presidential hopeful Rick Perry’s favorite distractions in the last Texas legislative session was a bill that proposed a stop to all those perverted TSA federales at the airport from feeling up passengers for entertainment.  Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with this outrage.  … Continue reading

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Pakistan Is a Mess

Yesterday, The New York Times reported on Pakistan’s demand that the United States sharply reduce the number of CIA and Special Forces personnel operating in the country. Many of these personnel have been involved in the United States’ highly successful Predator … Continue reading

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The Great Famine of 2011: Food, Fossil Fuels, and Fragmentation

“Our people take pride in the fact that they are blessed with great leaders from generation to generation” — High-level North Korean official on Kim Jong Un succession Poor Weather Reduces Crop Yields; Reduced Crop Yields Lead to Increased Prices… … Continue reading

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Prudent Protectionism for American Exceptionalism

Greentechmedia published an interesting article yesterday (see “DOD Must Buy American-Made, Not Chinese, Solar Panels”) bemoaning the Buy American provision of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011 for solar panels used on U.S. military installations. While I … Continue reading

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