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Did Obama Help or Hinder the Recovery? Dueling Campaign Narratives

Today, I came across a variation of the employment chart below in an Obama campaign ad. In this ad, the old adage holds: There are “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” In this campaign season, this truism will likely apply to … Continue reading

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Why Business Leaders Think America’s Economy Is Ailing

Last October I was among nearly 10,000 Harvard Business School alumni who completed an in-depth survey on American competitiveness. Harvard Business School released the results of this survey last week, and they are fascinating.

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Americans Distrust Government, Disapprove of Congress

A recent New York Times/CBS News poll shows that 89 percent of Americans surveyed distrust government to do the right thing, and that 84 percent disapprove of Congress. Interestingly, only 46 percent disapprove of President Obama’s job performance, a potential … Continue reading

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An Employer’s Perspective on Jobs and Regulations

Peter Schiff’s Congressional testimony last week provided more support to the argument that excessive government regulation stifles job creation. Agree or disagree, Mr. Schiff’s testimony is certainly entertaining.

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Rick Perry and Texas’ Real Economic Advantage

As Governor Rick Perry positions for his big run, it’s worth examining the accomplishments he can and can’t take credit for.  The importance of this exercise stretches beyond his campaign.  You can expect that other states might try to duplicate Texas’ … Continue reading

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We Do Big Things: Rational Republican Reaction to 2011 State of the Union

Overall, I think Obama’s State of the Union was a success. While it had its own unique problems, it seemed like a genuine attempt to bring the nation together and focus on solving issues in a bipartisan manner. As always, … Continue reading

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